Borrowing 5000 USD without BCR is 100% possible.

You can 100% borrow 5000 USD without BCR today through these free golden tips!

You can 100% borrow 5000 USD without BKR today through these free golden tips!

As is known to many, having a negative BCR registration is not beneficial if you want to borrow money. Especially with larger amounts such as 5000 USD, it becomes quite difficult to arrange a loan with the large, established banks. All well-known banks and credit institutions are members of the BCR in Tiel.

This gives them insight into your credit history; So if you have missed a payment term in the past, or have bought something on installment but not on time, then chances are that you will be blacklisted by the BCR. You have been listed on this list for 5 years, provided that you naturally do not incur any further debts.

The question is therefore how you can still get 5000 USD without a BCR check. Here are a few tips in your search for the 5,000 USD:

1) Borrow money through your partner

1) Borrow money through your partner

If you have a partner who is not on the BCR black list, consider making an appointment with him or her that he or she borrows money from the bank and that you neatly repay that person. Your partner can take out a personal loan or revolving credit with a lender.

It is best to request a free quote to determine what your partner has spent on repayment and interest.
If your partner is registered with the BCR, you can also consider taking out a mini loan of up to 750 yourself. These loans are often done without BCR checking. Then you have at least 750 USD in your account within 10 minutes.

Immediately borrow $ 750, on your account within 10 minutes

2) Request free quotes from foreign internet loan providers

2) Request free quotes from foreign internet loan providers

With the BCR you will not get a loan from established banks anyway. Money is not settled at the bank what people say today. At the established banks it is indeed pretty difficult to get a loan with BCR. Fortunately there are also banks where you might be more likely to borrow money with BCR. Recently, foreign credit providers are also active on the Dutch market.

They have the advantage that they offer their services via the internet and do not bear expensive overhead costs (no offices and ATMs). These providers have a Dutch website and often also a telephone Dutch-language help desk, so you do not have to read or speak English. One of these providers is Good Finance, a subsidiary of Cream Bank, a large French bank.

3) Borrow with collateral

3) Borrow with collateral

Depending on the properties that you have and the degree of use of your properties, you can easily get a few thousand USD by using the items you have as collateral. You can go to a pawnshop and pledge things that generate a lot of money. Pledging or borrowing is the (temporary) sale of your things to a pawnshop and the possibility to buy these things back within a certain period. If you really need money urgently and you can miss your car for a few weeks then you can pledge it. Depending on the year of construction of your car, you can count on a few thousand USD.

It is also interesting to take a closer look at your securities portfolio. So if you still have shares or bonds, you can also pledge them.

This also applies to your life insurance policy. You can also receive several thousand USD for this in many cases. When pledging or borrowing your things, you often immediately receive the money in cash.



By being smart, you can get 5000 USD by combining different sources. You can borrow up to 750 USD through a mini loan, your BCR is not checked. You can try to borrow the rest from a foreign lender where you naturally request a free quote. Then if you still have a shortage of money you can pledge your property, which may result in a few thousand USD. In short, borrowing 5000 USD is certainly possible by being creative.

Debts: Was it negative due to default?

Have the debts become bigger than your fixed expenses like housing, transportation and food? So know that you are doing something wrong and need to review your latest spending and financial goals. When we are negated (a bad name due to the negative CPF) due to default we risk always paying the interest of the operations.

Legendary has selected tips to help you make peace with your wallet and make the account blue again:

So how to clear my name?

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Before paying off your debts and clearing your name, you need to identify who you owe it to if you don’t know. There are two credit protection agencies: Serasa and Boa Vista (popularly known as SPC). Generally, Serasa’s negativity is of the financial system (banks and other financials). If it is for Boa Vista (SPC), most cases are due to trade debts.

  • Serasa : Read here how to clear your name with this institution;
  • Boa Vista (SCP) : Read here how to clear your name with this institution.

Your debts hate financial planning, you know that?

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Exactly! The more you plan, the less unforeseen financial you will have and the chances of you being negated by default as well. Why? With financial planning you can map all your expenses in the month, based on your monthly incomes, and identify which expenses are unnecessary and can be cut.

Personal loan pays off in this case?

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We need to evaluate very carefully because, as posted in previous posts, personal loan for negatives has a high interest rate. In some financials, the average monthly interest rate is over 20%, as in Crefisa. In addition, most banks and lenders do not lend to people with a negative name.

Beware of the pitfalls! Do not believe in easy money

Your debts are getting you sleepy, but you need to be careful about the pitfalls. Often, supposed financial offers offer quick and easy money to anyone who is negative. However, some of them are just facades for a blow. So when someone requests some kind of deposit to release the credit, run away! This practice is illegal and is not authorized by the Central Bank (BC).

According to Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Code (CDC), the consumer’s name should be excluded from negative entries after 5 years. Even though the debt has not yet been paid off. The maximum term for the withdrawal of the consumer’s name from the Serasa and SPC records is 5 (five) days after the payment of the debt.